2011 National Power Index

The National Power Index (NPI) is an attempt to quantify a nation’s power, i.e. its capacity to influence events and outcomes across the globe. It is a composite of five sub-indexes, each describing one of the elements which objectively contribute to a nation’s power: economy, military, diplomacy, technology and popularity.

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2011 NPI map - EU

2011 NPI – EU

Due to its debatable nature, the European Union does not appear in the list. The version including the European Union is added here:

Please note that as the European Union does not yet have a common foreign policy, the concept of European power remains largely theoretical.


NPI Methodology

The NPI is a composite of the following five sub-indexes. Each index is briefly explained, followed by its weighing in the NPI in parenthesis, and a breakdown into the numbers used to calculate it.


Economy Index:

Economic security and power (35%)
– Current account balance
– Public finances
– Number of Global 500 corporations


Military Index:

Military security and power (35%)
– Nuclear protection
– Manpower fit for military service
– Military expenditures
– Military power projection


Diplomacy Index:

Diplomatic influence (10%)
– Size of diplomatic network
– UN membership
– Permanent UN Security Council membership


Technology Index:

Technological power (10%)
– Number of patents and industrial designs


Popularity Index:

Popularity and influence across the world (10%)
– Official development aid
– BBC Attitudes towards Countries poll


For the full detailed methodology, click here.


About the NPI

The NPI reflects the current situation, and does not attempt any predictions of the future. As such, it does not take into account dynamic factors such as growth, and only represents their visible results. The NPI also does not consider factors of debatable relevance, in particular factors which are only deemed relevant to national power by certain ideologies, and does not use self-reported data.

All indexes are based on the latest numbers available on 1 January 2011.


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